Amazing Grand Circuit

Discover the history of the Khmer Empire as you explore the beauty and mystery of Cambodia.

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    Amazing Grand Circuit


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Your adventure begins with a pre-dawn departure from the hotel for the magnificent sunrise experience at Angkor Wat. Lead by a wonderful local guide who will brought the stories of the temples back to life.

The Grand Tour is actually an extension of the Small Circuit and runs through Preah Khan, Preah Neak Pean to the Eastern Mebon and other temple monuments of Ta Som & Pre Rup. The Grand Circuit complex showcases the rich and sophisticated architecture of Khmer Empire.

The best things about the grand tour circuit temples is the quietness and less crowd. You will enjoy the temples very much, breath taking and easy to take the photos of each temple. You can easy see the beautiful sunset at Pre Rup temple too.
  • Preah Khan built in the 12th century was one of Jayavarman VII’s largest projects dedicated to his farther was much more than a temple with over 1,000 Teachers, it appears also to have been a Buddhist university as well as a considerable city.
  • Neak Poan its foundation built on the middle of pool representing a paradisiacal Himalayan Mountain lake East Mebon guarded at its corner by stone figures of harnessed elephants, some of which are still in a reasonable state of preservation.
  • Prasat East Mebon Is a 10th Century temple at Angkor, Cambodia and continuation to Prasat Prerub is the Hindu temple at Angkor, built as the state temple of Khmer King Rajendravarman and dedicated in 961 or early 962. It is a temple mountain of combined brick, laterite and sandstone construction.
  • Ta Som built at end of the 12th century for King Jayavarman VII. It is located north east of Angkor Thom and just east of Neak Poan.
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  • Pre-dawn journey to Angkor Park
  • Enter via secluded and little used entrance
  • Torch-lit stroll through the forest in the dark
  • Enjoy a private moment at Angkor Wat away from the large crowds
  • Preah Khan – The largest flat temple
  • Neak Poan – An island in a former reservoir
  • East Mebon – The best of lintel carvings
  • Pre Rup – The huge structure from the 10th century
  • Ta Som – north east of Angkor Thom


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